Worthing Choral Society is a long established amateur choir with a good balance of about 30 Soprano, 30 Alto, 10 Tenor and 25 Bass voices with a good mix of ages ranging from those just out of college through to retirement. This balanced range of voices allows the choir to undertake many varied types of choral music from modern composers back to the stalwarts and probable founders of choral music as we understand it today.

As with most choirs we always welcome new members. We appreciate that many people aspire to join a choir but may feel unable to because they consider that the ability to read music is a pre-requisite. Being able to sight read is of course useful but not essential, it is quite surprising how quickly those ‘tadpoles and telephone wires’ begin to make sense. We do not audition anyone wishing to join but expect them to be able to hear a note within their voice range and copy it.   The choir is a team and we all work together to help each other to improve what singing skills we have and there is no lack of mutual support for anyone who wishes join us.

We meet in Broadwater CofE Primary School, Rectory Gardens map during term times.  You can find details of this on the Calendar  page.  From September 2016 the fees will be £120 per year, in cases of hardship payment by instalments may be possible.

We also have the occasional social gathering where members can get together in a less focussed atmosphere than rehearsal and performances thus allowing a more relaxed time to be enjoyed.

 Please contact our Chairman for more details