Weddings and Funerals

Worthing Choral Society is willing to offer its services at weddings and funerals to those who live in the West Sussex area. We would be grateful, in respect of funerals, if not less that 10 days notice can be given though we do appreciate that this may not always be possible. If you would like to hear what we sound like, please listen to clips from some of our recent concerts. If you are interested in using us, please make an initial contact with our Honorary Chairman, Barry Bates, before you make any decisions to ensure that all the details are known, and agreed by all concerned.

The donation to the Society, the music required, and the dates are all important as the Society will need to assess the possibilities and the number of members needed to undertake the function.

You may need help only for the singing of hymns; you may wish to have a full anthem or some help in the liturgies (the service itself).

Please remember that Worthing Choral Society is a registered charity so we will ask for a donation rather than a fee, so that we are able to claim back the tax already paid by you.
It will also benefit higher rate tax payers.

We look forward to hearing from any who need our helpful assistance.