SUBSCRIPTIONS: Following the AGM on the 8th November 2015, it was decided that for everyone the subscriptions should rise to £40.00 per term. It was also agreed that in September 2016 members should pay for the whole year, that is £120.00, (= 3 x £40.00), thus committing all to be members for a whole year. Our policy for new members remains unchanged. The fees for them remain as £10.00 for their initial term only. This gives you a chance to determine whether you like us or not, without losing too much! If you are a full time student at school, college or university the subscription stays at £10.00 for all terms.
The committee realise this jump may be too large for some people. But we are keen that anyone wishing to sing with us should be able to do so regardless of means. Please speak to the Treasurer or the Chairman if the normal subscription is too high for you to discuss confidentially how much you can afford or alternatively paying by instalments.

Worthing Choral Society is a registered Charity so, if you currently pay tax at the standard rate, or above, please complete a Gift Aid form obtainable from the treasurer. We can then claim back the tax you have paid from the Inland Revenue – this generally comes to a total of about £500.00 per term – which is a great help to the Society.

If you possibly can, would you please pay all subscriptions promptly.  You may pay your subscription by cheque (including charity support accounts e.g CAF, Stewardship), cash, regular Standing Orders or by online bank transfer. The treasurer will supply details for internet transfers. If you need a receipt please ask the Treasurer.

DRESS CODE for concerts. All members wear BLACK for every concert –

LADIES: Full length dress with long sleeves (or blouse with long sleeves and full length skirt or trousers), black stockings and black shoes. Each lady is given a red rose to wear on the left hand side of the blouse or dress. Roses are not worn at every concert – this depends on the nature of the concert. Please look after your rose as you will be asked to pay for a new one if it is lost or damaged.

MEN: Shirt and trousers, socks and shoes. On occasions men will use a red handkerchief (generally a tissue) in the shirt pocket. This, too, depends on the type of concert.

We use BLACK folders in which to hold the music when we sing in concerts. We ask that you buy one, please, at £5.00 each or provide your own. This means the folders are looked after. The cost is subsidised by WCS.

CONCERTS AT THE ASSEMBLY HALL To help keep costs down it would be appreciated if friends or relatives of the choir would be prepared to usher at the Assembly Hall, please. This would involve a short training session by the Council Staff on the day of the concert just to familiarise the ushers with any emergency procedures. As a thank you, a free ticket will be given to each volunteer who assists. Ideally the Assembly Hall management would like to have at least six volunteers. If you know people who are interested in helping, please speak to a member of the committee who will be able to take their names for me to pass on to the Assembly Hall staff on duty on the day.  

For choir members’ benefit only. We continue to offer a discount for tickets at all our concerts of £10.00 instead of the usual £12.00. If it is at all possible, please try to sell at least four tickets each. If this happens at all our concerts WCS will benefit with better funds for future works. Students and children will be £7.00 each.


If you need any further information, I am sure any member of the committee will try to help you.                                                                                                                                                    

     Barry Bates.